Why don’t you try working with Cantoni every day!

Let's debunk a myth: working with Davide Cantoni - ladies and gentlemen - is far from easy!

Like all self-made people, he has an oversized personality that permeates the entire company.

With a cheerful and rather direct personality, he struggles to remain within the limits imposed by his position and often ends up overflowing with heated and undoubtedly undiplomatic expressions that would discourage even the Top Managers of Fiat...

A real perfectionist who pays great attention to detail, which at times almost becomes an obsession, he continuously strives towards something better and spares you nothing! In other words, he constantly puts you under pressure, and, if you’re not reinforced with tungsten, he will wear you out!

However, upon closer examination, he is a person with fine intuition, passionate about what he does, who gets excited about the little and large objectives he achieves. Every day, he teaches us that it is important to put ourselves in other people's shoes in order to be able to offer effective answers and, in everyday life, he searches for practical business and life solutions.

He believes that together we are stronger: after all New Ancorvis is a Team of People and not an individual!

And, as we say, he is made in his own way, sometimes discontinuous, but able to motivate, spur and excite, as excited as a child who has a beautiful new toy in front of him, and able to prove over time that he too has matured and learned lots of things, even if he is the CEO of the company!

This is Davide according to my point of view and if famous people like W. Chan Kim and Renée A. Mauborgne define leadership applied to management as the “ability to create motivation, to encourage involvement and to support the men and women of the organisation, considering that the company's performance depends on their skills and motivation”, well then we can say that we are on the right track.

It is certain that being a leader - clearly not only an aptitude but also and above all a mentality that needs to be trained - is tiring and requires discipline!

First of all it requires being credible and competent, at all times! This is why it is necessary to learn, learn and learn and never stop learning.

It requires knowing how to transmit enthusiasm, motivation, transferring energy and love for work to the employees.

The leader must be curious about the members of his team which he wants to know everything about, their points of view and ambitions, showing a rare quality: being interested in people other than himself. 

And then he must believe in his dreams, in his points of view, convincing his co-workers of the feasibility of his idea.

He must be able to make sure that the instructions given have been followed and support those who find it difficult to complete their tasks.

Finally, he must be able to know how to correct his co-workers if they make mistakes, listening to their reasons and acting on the cause of the mistake in a constructive manner.

Last but not least, he must be capable of earning the love of all the members of the company and of loving them in turn - each one of them - because this is the only way to achieve exceptional results!