Cantoni (yes, him, the CEO of New Ancorvis) turned thinking and rethinking into a passion or, better, into a way to realise design innovation actions in his products.

It's the beginning of the year, a period in which the direction of the company's sales and R&D policy is established, determining its mood...

What is missing in the range? – we ask ourselves.

Well, various components are missing: from impression transfers to cylinders for temporary restorations, from bonding for computer-guided surgery to healing screws.

Damnit! – a whole universe of products and applications to be considered.

And so, trying to stand by New Ancorvis’ problem-solving vocation, first of all we focused on solving a matter linked to the management of temporary elements.

All eyes on bonding connectors!

"Could the cylindrical body be longer?" - one of the members of the R&D staff asks…

"Certainly! But what kind of innovation would that be? "- asks another.

Concentration! : what could our customers expect from a New Ancorvis bonding connector, considering that when the trefoil shape was added to the range, its impact was already renewed?

Think, think and …boom!

“It's never too late”! - according to the saying, so the bonding connector has been put back in shape and has definitely become more fascinating ;-)

This is what it looks like today:

With variable transmucosal heights and new dedicated libraries
With a reduced gingival diameter compared to the standard type found on the market and, actually, almost specular to that of the reference implant
It can be used with screws both for straight holes and for inclined holes

Wow, not bad at all!

It won’t cost you anything though, we have had another idea...

Given the innovative threaded structure of the body of the new bonding connector, why not provide a series of interchangeable accessories that can be screwed onto the connector itself?

That is how the Pick Up and Scan Marker components were created, universal for all of our V4 connectors and ”like a rolling stone”, the accessories Lego and Regolo!

Do you realise what we’ve done?

We have created a system around a new generation of bonding connectors!

Take note of the name: V4 System.

We will present it at the Expodental Meeting and you have to be there!

See you soon!