Follow the White Rabbit ;-)

The slight warmth of the first days of spring makes us feel like telling a story...

This is why we would like to dedicate a story to you today: a story of attention and tendency to quality.

It was the end of the ‘90s when New Ancorvis decided to achieve the CE marking and UNI EN ISO 13485:2003 (now 2012): it was the beginning of a journey in continuous evolution.

A journey that has been far from easy, to tell the truth!

Of course, it has always been travelled with seriousness, but it required time to be completely internalised and experienced as a possibility of substantial improvement, not only in terms of product quality and safety but also (and perhaps above all!)  in terms of consolidating a fully aware business organisation devoted to constantly achieving better results.

We admit that it is and has been tough, because production companies like ours - completely in line with their customers’ expectations - are dynamic and difficult to bridle in standard workflows that do not change over time...

But even if we have worked extremely hard, we believe we have been repaid!

In fact, to date, we can say that the standards reached by our products in terms of quality, safety and reliability are high, as is high the degree of optimisation of our workflows, where all operators are required to express their know-how and desire to outdo themselves to ensure a productive efficiency that can be translated into benefits and added value for our customers: that is, into a kind of assurance of serenity, if we want to follow the New Age trend.

Of course these results, which we are clearly proud of, have been achieved thanks to willpower, know-how and obviously technology.

The latter, an undisputed protagonist in the New Ancorvis world, has allowed us to control the critical phases of the production flow, first of all the testing phase.

And in this regard, with an eye to the Easter period, we couldn’t help coming up with a surprise for you!

With reference to one of our most recent business lines - the Evo3D line for 3d printing- starting from May you will be able to count on our Accuracy Certificate, which basically proves the compliance of the source file with the product produced.

Using a measurable and structured detection system, each product will be compared to the file sent during the order phase in order to ensure its accuracy.

We are the first to perform and certify this type of testing related to 3D printed productions. We hope you have a great Easter... a high quality one ;-)