Be wary of those who don’t speak much and of the wind. They both mess up your head!

Hello World … and happy 2017 !!!!

After the holidays and the sequence of superstitious rituals performed to inaugurate a brand new year, we too at New Ancorvis have lots of new year's resolutions (read: company objectives Ed.)!!!

We have anticipated that the next 365 days will be full of energy, news and improvements and here’s where it starts!

The Leitmotiv of our actions will be the desire to tell you as much as possible about ourselves.

I imagine that you have already realised, thanks to this blog, that we like telling you about ourselves, not so much because we love boasting about what we do but rather because we believe that showing ourselves - together with what we produce - and everything that goes through our minds, gives you a guarantee that choosing us as a trading partner is correct and founded on clear and obvious pillars!

That is why we will soon present a new website, even easier to read, full of content and just a click away for all tastes ;-)

Not only texts but photos, not only photos but videos: we want our messages to reach you, we want it to be easy for you to find what you are looking for and we want everything to be within reach!

Even the interfaces dedicated to the management and forwarding of you work will undergo a great remise en forme: each space will be organised, more schematic, enriched, …in other words prettier ....

And, what's more, we will give new impetus to our digital-education, keeping you up-to-date with interesting tutorial videos on technical aspects concerning our productive methods which you will surely find useful.

And there's more!

It is impossible to resist the charm of social networks.

Also in this sense, we want to strengthen our interaction with you …because we like to think that you enjoy finding us in a boundless space like that of the web with our everyday life, made of technological development, design thinking, news, passion ….

You will often see references to this blog, which, as you already know, is the container of our feelings and full of newsletters designed specifically to give you important information to simplify and speed up your relationship with us.

But we don’t just want to talk about virtual communication!

We Bolognese are used to looking our interlocutors in the eyes, shaking our customers’ hand and receiving them with great satisfaction in our home.

So this year we will open our doors wide for all of you: we have always done it but now we will add the method... and 1000 new square metres.

Returning home after your visit at New Ancorvis, you will be holding a completely new catalogue and a simple and intuitive price list….

Make sure you are ready…. You will soon see some changes!