About when we thought of using WhatsApp for technical assistance

Uhm... let's start with a sore point ...technical assistance!

Many have told us that we are not available to our customers in time to resolve important technical problems and that, when we are available, we only are for a short time.

Indeed the New Ancorvis staff responsible for this activity is first of all a production team, the priority of which is to produce!

And yet this type of need, that we have been told about many times, has not only always been recognised by us as indisputable, but also as one of the company's duties towards its customers.

With the intention of resolving the issue, over time we have tried to identify solutions that meet this need while considering the needs of our internal activity.

In fact, the various strategies adopted have always worked as palliatives, leaving this side uncovered.

That is why, at a very unexpected time, while playing with a mobile phone, we had a great idea.

Technical assistance must be offered in this way: with numbers dedicated to the different product lines via WhatsApp using mostly voice messages that the customer will send to us and to which our technical staff will answer in the same way either by telephone or via email as soon as possible.

At a fast pace and with adisruptive aptitude (as they say in environments that matter! -Ed.) we have prepared this system - that is the integration of the instant messaging service in the contact channels between you customers and our customer care - which is giving us an appreciable result!

Of course we haven’t solved the problem 100% yet - indeed we are already studying new interface systems with the customer to be activated next year - but in this way the barriers created by the time slots during which it was possible to communicate with our technical staff have been eliminated, the system offered is completely free, certain files can be sent and you can see when the message has been read in real time. We even keep an archive of all these conversations and we are much faster than before!

And so we are proud of the solution we found because - even if it doesn’t solve the problem completely - it is smart and it proves not only that technology is our friend but also that, if combined with open minds, it really does produce interesting results, with all due respect to Mr. WhatsApp who has seen his creature degenerate but who is benefiting from it - so we heard - at a global level… watching it transform from a trend for the youngest to a multi-platform mobile communication standard!