True heroes don’t tame lizards. True heroes tame dragons.

Let’s begin with a large dose of reality because what we have heard so far and what we will hear a lot more of is rhetoric!

It is not easy to find measured words that sound sincere, that instil positive feelings, because hearing the news this autumn, which promises to be thick and hard, what stands out is that the game - the real game - is about to be played now! And it’s not fucking funny!

We have nothing to hide – we, too, are scared. For what we have painstakingly built over the years, for ourselves and our families, and also for the future we have always imagined to be rich and in Technicolor.

All that is happening to us is so out of the ordinary that it cannot be traced back to the patterns or the models of the past. We have got to change. So much so that our old reading of the world and what is normal is now distant and faded.

We told ourselves, didn’t we, right from the instant of lockdown, on Facebook live, that we would all have to – with no exceptions! – roll up our sleeves, now it’s time to give form to this awareness, stimulate the imagination and look for new solutions.

We don’t know if the new behaviours and ideas (which we consider to be innovative) that we have been working on since May will take off, but we do know that the way we have chosen to interpret the world and the market that surrounds us is based on connections and interconnections, first and foremost between us and you, to cultivate an overall vision that involves empathy and does not disregard morality or the ability to listen.

As the old folks used to say – he was a man with ‘chutzpah’ – we fight to the bitter end!

Let’s do this together. Now’s the time.


Screw the crisis.

Screw Covid.

Be Strong!