3D Printing solutions mood... and much more ;-)!

It has now been established that quality assurance in 2019 must consider smart solutions to face an increased complexity of production and the need for speed. It is also necessary to meet an increasingly pronounced need for reassurance on the quality of the product.

From this point of view, we ask ourselves questions daily to try to have answers ready and products that meet expectations in terms of safety, quality and reliability... even where, for reasons linked to the nature of some types of products, apparently one would not be able to overcome a result that is not always guaranteed.

However, the limits can often be overcome and sometimes this is possible thanks to a fast insight that turns out to be a winner!

At New Ancorvis we often see these sparks and our accuracy certificate of the products resulting from the use of Cad-Cam technology combined with the 3D printing technique is an obvious example.

The gap to be filled in this type of production is the fact that the final product does not always comply with the structure requested by the customer during the order phase.

All of these processes using the 3D printing technique are subjected, by their intrinsic nature, to a stabilisation process that can alter them in terms of size...

We have therefore come up with, and then examined and tested multiple times, a testing procedure that overlaps the source file with the scan of the device made using validated and dedicated software.

It works! And it even overcomes the critical points already present in the analogical production steps.

A high precision scan is performed on each model made. The scan obtained is then analytically compared to the source file - whether designed by New Ancorvis or directly by the customer - and only the products validated by our testing department and falling within our tolerance margins are sent to the customer together with the accuracy certificate.

With a certain pride,we are the first to perform and certify the testing procedure related to the 3D printed production of surgical models and templates and - what's more! - we are the fist to extend it also to the production of complete arches obtained with the zirconia milling and selective laser melting techniques.

 In this case too, the testing cycle is performed in the same way as described previously and resolves critical issues related to the sintering process, which also has an impact on the dimensional aspect of the structures.

From a problem, a spark and then a solution, which is repeated in a circular flow.

And it is in this context that we realised we have the possibility of overcoming an urgency linked to the accuracy of production of 3D printed removable abutments, in order to ensure not only the accuracy of the model but also the correct execution of then abutment, a key and crucial element to test the fitting and perfect coupling of the products .

We started by asking ourselves some questions... (lots of questions!) and in the end we gave ourselves a univocal answer that lead us to guarantee the correct production of these items thanks to the use of an advanced radio wave probing technology which is used to detect the discrepancies that may occur during the printing phase and to process only what falls within our tolerance parameters.

The workflow is certainly more articulated and complex... but at the end of the day this is just a blog ;-)