Our everyday life is characterised by extreme negotiations ... That’s right... Because relationships with customers are very often a source of great satisfaction but at the same time tension and chills down your spine ;-)!

Quoting a popular saying, it is true that the customer is always right but sometimes the customer forgets that he/she is dealing with skilled professionals who work not only with him/her but also on a large scale (I won’t give you any numbers, but trust me, I’m not making it up! ), trying to always work at the best of their ability, regardless of their role.

And since it is precisely the rules of the market - even more than ours - that require companies to operate ensuring increasing competitiveness and quality, it is good not to forget that, in this sense, we at New Ancorvis try to move every day, so that the service and product we offer comply with more than appreciable standards in terms of perceived quality, product/service desirability and quality of the customer care service.

All of this while keeping in mind that perfection is far away and that everything can be improved ;-)

Warning! : we know that we sometimes lack efficiency when dealing with our customers and that sometimes we struggle with processing orders and relative delivery times. We are aware of having caused delays to our customers during particularly stressful moments and of not having always given timely answers to their questions... We are well aware of all this and we are working on it!

However, after this necessary foreword, you who read us and who are our customers, certainly can’t have thought that, in a blog worthy of respect, there wouldn’t have been a few desecrating lines dedicated to you!

 And so let us briefly outline some identikits ( because it is true that we fix some things, but the following is also true ;-):

- there are those who want the job done yesterday but send it tomorrow

- there are those who call the police if you do not reply to calls or emails immediately

- there are those who don’t read and complain that the company doesn’t communicate

- and then there are those who always want more. Just like saying: you can’t have your cake and eat it!

- and there are those who have no faults by default, but then - after long conversations - change their mind

Ugh, how tiring!

….But in the end, the truth is that - even if you are sometimes pestiferous - we love you all to bits because you help us improve ourselves all the time.

Cheers! you and to us! Because - even if we sometimes make you angry - we are all working together for you!