Why don’t you try working with Cantoni every day!

Let's debunk a myth: working with Davide Cantoni - ladies and gentlemen - is far from easy!

Like all self-made people, he has an oversized personality that permeates the entire company.

With a cheerful and rather direct personality, he struggles to remain within the limits imposed by his position and often ends up overflowing with heated and undoubtedly undiplomatic expressions that would discourage even the Top Managers of Fiat...

A real perfectionist who pays great attention to detail, which at times almost becomes an obsession, he continuously strives towards something better and spares you nothing! In other words, he constantly puts you under pressure, and, if you’re not reinforced with tungsten, he will wear you out!

However, upon closer examination, he is a person with fine intuition, passionate about what he does, who gets excited about the little and large objectives he achieves. Every day, he teaches us that it is important to put ourselves in other people's shoes in order to be able to offer effective answers and, in everyday life, he searches for practical business and life solutions.

He believes that together we are stronger: after all New Ancorvis is a Team of People and not an individual!

And, as we say, he is made in his own way, sometimes discontinuous, but able to motivate, spur and excite, as excited as a child who has a beautiful new toy in front of him, and able to prove over time that he too has matured and learned lots of things, even if he is the CEO of the company!

This is Davide according to my point of view and if famous people like W. Chan Kim and Renée A. Mauborgne define leadership applied to management as the “ability to create motivation, to encourage involvement and to support the men and women of the organisation, considering that the company's performance depends on their skills and motivation”, well then we can say that we are on the right track.

It is certain that being a leader - clearly not only an aptitude but also and above all a mentality that needs to be trained - is tiring and requires discipline!

First of all it requires being credible and competent, at all times! This is why it is necessary to learn, learn and learn and never stop learning.

It requires knowing how to transmit enthusiasm, motivation, transferring energy and love for work to the employees.

The leader must be curious about the members of his team which he wants to know everything about, their points of view and ambitions, showing a rare quality: being interested in people other than himself. 

And then he must believe in his dreams, in his points of view, convincing his co-workers of the feasibility of his idea.

He must be able to make sure that the instructions given have been followed and support those who find it difficult to complete their tasks.

Finally, he must be able to know how to correct his co-workers if they make mistakes, listening to their reasons and acting on the cause of the mistake in a constructive manner.

Last but not least, he must be capable of earning the love of all the members of the company and of loving them in turn - each one of them - because this is the only way to achieve exceptional results!


Our everyday life is characterised by extreme negotiations ... That’s right... Because relationships with customers are very often a source of great satisfaction but at the same time tension and chills down your spine ;-)!

Quoting a popular saying, it is true that the customer is always right but sometimes the customer forgets that he/she is dealing with skilled professionals who work not only with him/her but also on a large scale (I won’t give you any numbers, but trust me, I’m not making it up! ), trying to always work at the best of their ability, regardless of their role.

And since it is precisely the rules of the market - even more than ours - that require companies to operate ensuring increasing competitiveness and quality, it is good not to forget that, in this sense, we at New Ancorvis try to move every day, so that the service and product we offer comply with more than appreciable standards in terms of perceived quality, product/service desirability and quality of the customer care service.

All of this while keeping in mind that perfection is far away and that everything can be improved ;-)

Warning! : we know that we sometimes lack efficiency when dealing with our customers and that sometimes we struggle with processing orders and relative delivery times. We are aware of having caused delays to our customers during particularly stressful moments and of not having always given timely answers to their questions... We are well aware of all this and we are working on it!

However, after this necessary foreword, you who read us and who are our customers, certainly can’t have thought that, in a blog worthy of respect, there wouldn’t have been a few desecrating lines dedicated to you!

 And so let us briefly outline some identikits ( because it is true that we fix some things, but the following is also true ;-):

- there are those who want the job done yesterday but send it tomorrow

- there are those who call the police if you do not reply to calls or emails immediately

- there are those who don’t read and complain that the company doesn’t communicate

- and then there are those who always want more. Just like saying: you can’t have your cake and eat it!

- and there are those who have no faults by default, but then - after long conversations - change their mind

Ugh, how tiring!

….But in the end, the truth is that - even if you are sometimes pestiferous - we love you all to bits because you help us improve ourselves all the time.

Cheers!...to you and to us! Because - even if we sometimes make you angry - we are all working together for you!

About when we thought of using WhatsApp for technical assistance

Uhm... let's start with a sore point ...technical assistance!

Many have told us that we are not available to our customers in time to resolve important technical problems and that, when we are available, we only are for a short time.

Indeed the New Ancorvis staff responsible for this activity is first of all a production team, the priority of which is to produce!

And yet this type of need, that we have been told about many times, has not only always been recognised by us as indisputable, but also as one of the company's duties towards its customers.

With the intention of resolving the issue, over time we have tried to identify solutions that meet this need while considering the needs of our internal activity.

In fact, the various strategies adopted have always worked as palliatives, leaving this side uncovered.

That is why, at a very unexpected time, while playing with a mobile phone, we had a great idea.

Technical assistance must be offered in this way: with numbers dedicated to the different product lines via WhatsApp using mostly voice messages that the customer will send to us and to which our technical staff will answer in the same way either by telephone or via email as soon as possible.

At a fast pace and with adisruptive aptitude (as they say in environments that matter! -Ed.) we have prepared this system - that is the integration of the instant messaging service in the contact channels between you customers and our customer care - which is giving us an appreciable result!

Of course we haven’t solved the problem 100% yet - indeed we are already studying new interface systems with the customer to be activated next year - but in this way the barriers created by the time slots during which it was possible to communicate with our technical staff have been eliminated, the system offered is completely free, certain files can be sent and you can see when the message has been read in real time. We even keep an archive of all these conversations and we are much faster than before!

And so we are proud of the solution we found because - even if it doesn’t solve the problem completely - it is smart and it proves not only that technology is our friend but also that, if combined with open minds, it really does produce interesting results, with all due respect to Mr. WhatsApp who has seen his creature degenerate but who is benefiting from it - so we heard - at a global level… watching it transform from a trend for the youngest to a multi-platform mobile communication standard!


At New Ancorvis, the day begins with a massive dose of coffee, which makes us all active and reactive, ready to face our everyday life with enthusiasm!

And this caffeine overdose can be seen in all areas, especially in those that contribute most to defining the temperament of our company.

Always working in a state of constant restlessness, seen as striving towards doing better, towards seeking new goals, coming up with new ideas and solutions, allows us to constantly question ourselves and, in a certain way, encourage ourselves to go beyond our limits.

Needless to say, ladies and gentlemen, that you might be thinking of a fictionalised copy of us, where we paint a slightly distorted picture, describing ourselves as defenders of hard work, perfection and every positive connotation that comes to mind.

Well, that's not what it’s like! We are actually a team that challenges itself continuously and tries to give more every day.

The downside is that we are always under pressure, never completely satisfied, with a few more visible wrinkles and dark circles, although we are not yet falling apart, and sometimes we are not able to find the right solution!

And in fact, our ability to evolve does not always find its natural satisfaction in ideas that are born within the walls of our company:  much more often, our source of inspiration is what is outside.

The suggestions that come from our surrounding environment, from listening to our customers’ difficulties and needs, are in fact a precious source of inspiration for us. 

And then being open to inputs, ideas and concepts from the youngest members of the company, for age and for experience, is essential at New Ancorvis to maintain the energy used to face new challenges every day.

It is with this thick, boiling coffee that we consolidate the bases of our business development and our striving towards continuous innovation.

Welcome to our Blog ;-)!

You're here finally! Welcome...

We will use this almost magical space to talk about ourselves in a way you are not used too, independent from institutional showcases and product displays!

And these words we will use are the most intimate and true ones that represent our way of doing business, the essence of our strength and of our vision of the future!

We will tell you what happens behind the scenes of a dynamic, young and aggressive company like ours and of the heart and passion and pride we put into our work every day.

We will explain why New Ancorvis is a company not lead by a simple group of people but by a team, who work together to achieve a single goal, who believe in respecting the customer and quality, who honour the consistency of intents and who work hard to improve constantly.

We are certain that you will like this journey too... which will perhaps be unusual but certainly fascinating... and which will allow you to get to know New Ancorvis and its personality IN OTHER WORDS!

Stay with us: the journey begins now!



No person no success

We win with people!

Our company has always focused on people and on the idea of building and working together in a winning, passionate and proactive team.

The contribution of each of us - yesterday, today and tomorrow - is essential at New Ancorvis to develop products, services, strategies...

And there is a strong sense of belonging we all have in common, making us think (actually, know!)  that our New Ancorvis is all of us together! , because it is the result of our dedication, hard work and ambition, which guide us every day towards increasingly complex common goals.

We constantly cultivate the jovial and open contact that characterises our country to communicate with our customers, to listen to their difficulties and to seek - and suggest - solutions.

The circular communication flow that develops in this way - free from the typical conditions that hierarchies induce - allows us to create a rare empathy with our customers, making them feel closer to, and even part of, our team.

We like to think that our team is strong, cohesive and solid, both within our organisational structure and outside, and that the brisk, bold and positive soul that is typical of New Ancorvis and of its young staff always makes a difference!

And for the New Ancorvis team to be a strong team, we are committed not only to work towards a common goal but also to work in a conscious manner, with clear and defined roles, well aware of the activity that each component of the company performs every day.

In fact, team spirit is not only about achieving a common goal, but rather it means acting methodically, which allows us to fully understand - through comparison, study and analysis - why our actions work and why they lead to failure.

In short, we don’t want to identify the culprit if a mistake is made, but the problem.

In fact, it is only by finding the problem that it will be possible to identify the cause and therefore the solution.

Only in this way we believe it is possible to create an effective strategy (a way of working), that also improves our learning process - even of the coach! - and contributes to creating a corporate structure capable of winning… at all times ;-)!

This is how we train, what we try to do every day, turning our effort, our anxiety for improvement, into more optimised services, strategies, products, workflows…

And then by now you will have understood that New Ancorvis is a competitive company: this is why the comparison with sport is more than congenial to us and why we are passionate about studying all the positive values to transfer to our daily lives.