Pay attention to the little things, because one day you will turn around and realise they were big

Christmas is coming and we’ll finally have the chance to spend some time with our loved ones, take care of ourselves and relax!

In our personal guide to Christmas presents – because thinking a little about ourselves also means buying ourselves a present every now and then – books are one of the top gift ideas!

Yes, yes... a book! And no, we have not gone mad!

We know, it may seem to you like a vintage choice for us who love technology and mobile devices, but do you want to know the truth? Reading a book is a true elixir for health, mood and business!!!

Patience and perseverance… Shall we talk about how much we need these things every day at work and at home?!!? Well, reading is good for both... because finishing a book requires determination, concentration and patience... but step by step, page after page, even the most inaccessible mountain, just like the most complex volume, can be climbed, finished!

Studies conducted at Kingston University in London have shown that coming into contact - while we read - with other people's feelings and emotions, allows us to recognise them in real life... That’s it, a good Team Leader and also a good Team member – in whatever field they work - must have an essential gift… l’empathy!!!! Being able to refine it by reading is therefore a great possibility that is given to us and that is accessible to everyone.

And, what's more, a book allows us to interrupt our thoughts, increasingly stressed by hyperconnection and iphones, and to focus on something more fun and relaxing... And with a distracted mind - nobody can prove us wrong here! – we will be ready to face even the most challenging meeting and moreover with a revived vocabulary!

Just think that the neuroscientist David Lewis of the University of Sussex has discovered that reading reduces stress by 68%.... That's why reading before bed is a very useful habit to improve our sleep, since it relaxes our mind and prepares it for a regenerating sleep!

So what are we waiting for???  Let’s all enjoy a peaceful Christmas with the smell of ink... because knowing how to enjoy the little things and drawing from them the best they can offer... is the best wish for anyone.

Happy Holidays!