Jingle bells swing and Jingle bells ring...

Near Christmas and, above all, the new year, our wish for you is to always have a positive attitude, and to be resilient.

The word "resilience" is a beautiful word because it indicates the ability to face every situation, even the hardest, with the awareness of being able to overcome it, to “fall” and to get up again, while continuing to grow, in all areas, including work.

Here at New Ancorvis we are passionate supporters of the fact that being a company made up of solid and positive people is the key to making the organisation grow in terms of productivity and profitability.  This is why we believe that positive thinking within the company teaches us how to think differently about both positive and negative events, making the most of them.

Mind you, it’s not just us saying this.

There are neuroeconomic studies that support these theories as well as various research results showing that a positive mind is 39% faster and more accurate in making decisions than a negative, neutral or stressed one, due to the chemical reactions that develop in our brain while in this specific mental state (Long live dopamine! )

And now let's focus on even more serious things .

Let’s talk about the sumptuous Certosino with a high calorie content, with its dried fruit, chocolate, jam, butter and eggs, that is waiting for us!

Yes, that’s right!  The typical panettone from Bologna, that we couldn’t resist eating - even though virtually - right now with you, to wish you a very merry and peaceful Christmas!

And the slice of delicious cake will be followed by a toast and then presents!!!

Well, we have a lot in store for you... They are all Top Secret projects that we have been working on for months to make sure your 2017 is full of new opportunities!

And now STOP!

Let's enjoy our family, friends, loved ones, dogs and cats... And let's take care of ourselves... By thinking positive!