/hjuːˈmænəti/ uncountable noun

Humanity, my friends, is the only thing that may give us a competitive edge in all the areas of our complex, mixed up lives.

Humanity and morality will no longer simply be principles to be inspired by (or more often dropped like an unanswered letter! ) but rather the most rigorous criterion to assess and measure our progress, in its broadest sense.

We firmly believe this, and we also firmly believe that this phenomenon will actually be an opportunity for us all to evolve and to give back a greater degree of depth to our social relationships, to our ways of working together and to our inner lives, which have often been mistreated by fast-paced rhythms, increasing pressures and an overturning of values.

And this model, inspired by a respect for our individuality and others’, discipline and solidarity – concepts that have been liberated from the ‘political correctness’ to which we have become accustomed in recent times, almost with no understanding, and restored to their deepest and truest meaning – may, in our opinion, even be the keystone in the development that is to come in the world of work and business.

This is why, in the 2021 that has just begun, we believe that, alongside the quality and safety of our products and our plans to develop our business and new services, there must be a brilliant humanity that will emerge and rise up.

At first glance, it would almost seem to be a step backwards, a return to our origins, to the time when man and man alone was at the centre of it all.

However, this new aspect has all the features of being a superpower we can use to forge ever onwards and get across these rough seas, which are mired in darkness as far as the horizon.

Thus, with our sleeves rolled up and our hands roughened, all that is left to do is wish each of ourselves, and each of you, a strong wind in your sails!