Keep Calm and Love Chameleon

Imagine if the digital revolution of our daily lives suddenly went up in smoke, as if by magic.

If, for the sake of argument, there was a back-to-basics situation of monumental proportions that forced us, from our sphere of work to free time, to stop simplifying what we do and how we interconnect that is currently made possible by technological and digital progress.

Well, that would be a nightmare! A sort of vital organs shut-down, even if it allowed us to stay safe and sound in our comfort zone, far from the upheaval of daily routine, which in fact - let's face it! - is by far the most annoying and unnerving thing we have to deal with every day.

So, since we would be far from happy about going back to basics and given that complaining is not a strategy (indeed, it seems to make us even less attractive!), we have no choice but to keep up with the times and shake off our customary way of doing things every so often, so we don’t miss out on even the tiniest part of this transformation...

Because - by refocusing on business and our current production procedures –  digital innovation and technology in general lead to a whole lot of positive results!

And since these tools have become part and parcel of our work, we have realised that to make them work at their best, i.e. seamlessly and efficiently, we need to create a culture of awareness and independence!

So, what this means is that New Ancorvis, at a quick calculation, has been holding training courses for twenty years! – Cantoni (The Boss, editor’s note) has nurtured a strong desire… to grow the digital skills of all the players in our supply chain, i.e. medicaltechnical – and the industry itself, creating a working environment in which each one can express, in their own field of specialisation, the relevant skills, whilst relying on tools that simplify and optimise time and results.

In short, to drive the point home: industry can really be amazingly beneficial for clinical and technical teams, but only if all three of these players are united by expertise in the digital content applied to our sector.

Introducing Grow UP … a colourful world dedicated to training

Hey you… I can see you: I know you’ve just raised your eyebrows and thought to yourself ... “yeah, the same old story ... they tell you a few things and then, throw you in at the deep end expect you to get on with it! 

Not this time, though!

Grow Up is a training scheme, focused on digital themes, that injects New Ancorvis’ twenty years of experience into its educational content, derived from the company’s in-depth knowledge of the symbiotic work of the two R&D teams. The teams collaborate and validate solutions and ideas in the lab and in the field which they offer in their courses and to the market as well.

As pragmatic as ever, the Grow Up Team IN (consisting of specialised staff within the Grow Up team) and the Grow Up Team OUT (represented by external clinics and dental technicians) aim to offer simple and practical formulas to solve even the most difficult equations.

So, a whole lot of practical work, a tips-and-tricks approach plus tailor-made training in a kick-a.. location (oops, are we allowed to say that?) where clinics and technicians, together with their staff, can learn, test first-hand and experiment GrowUp-style solutions in the field.

This means that you will be able to get all the answers to your questions, plus improve and develop your work protocol!

Not bad, don’t you agree?

So, what are you waiting for???

Be inquisitive, find out all there is to know about GrowUp and this new teaching method: you’re going to love it.... and don’t forget: